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The Safety of our Rail passengers and the general public is ALL INDIA RAIL SAFETY COUNCIL top priority, which is why we remain proactive in reinforcing the importance of railroad safety with ongoing public awareness activities. AIRSC ongoing efforts to improve safety throughout our system include numerous programs which incorporate education, management and enforcement activities. We hope to work together as a community to support the continued education of railroad safety.

Safety is ALL INDIA RAIL SAFETY COUNCIL number one priority. That's why AIRSC proactively reinforces the importance of railroad safety through interactions with our country schools. Our goal is to work together as a community to support parents and educators as they teach our children that obeying safety laws is a matter of life and death.

In a society where children are besieged by conflicting information and multiple distractions, we need to reinforce safety messages as often as possible. AIRSC focuses its rail safety efforts on two distinct programs: Childrens Safety Awareness Program and our annual Safety Poster and Essay Contest. Both programs work to keep safety at the forefront of our children’s minds as they interact with the country rail safety system.

The Safety Awareness Program is a comprehensive train safety program that educates children and adults of the dangers of AIRSC at-grade crossings and trespassing along our railroad’s right-of-way. AIRSC Presenters conduct some free presentations annually to children, ranging in ages from pre-school to 18 years, community groups, school bus drivers, professional truck drivers, emergency responders and other organizations throughout our service area. To schedule a presentation, or to find out more, contact : contact@railsafety.co.in

AIRSC also encourages young people throughout the region to become directly involved in creating our safety messages through our Safety Poster and Essay Contest. The images and essays created by our region’s children become part of each year’s safety campaign. The program has helped us to create another way to work the safety discussion into our region’s classrooms.


RAIL VIDYA (Childern Safety Awarness Education Programme)

We are on a mission to empower you to improve your own and others’ safety around trains and train tracks. We believe that you hold an important role in shaping the future of rail safety.

This website is forprimary and high school students; to encourage you to become rail safety activists in your community, and arm you with the appropriate knowledge and skills so you can demonstrate your positive and safe actions to adults, children, and your peers.

We support you taking the initiative to work with others in your community, to develop solutions to local issues and maximise your impact on your own and others’ safety.

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