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Welcome to Rail Vidya

The Education that brings safety awareness to the human beings. The RAIL VIDYA is Education Program which is initiated by ALL INDIA RAIL SAFETY COUNCIL. This program is developed to create rail safety awareness in the society. The Rail Vidya Framed by the Professionally Managed Team of Safety officers.

The Rail Vidya is initially planned only to the schools and the syllabus is carefully developed by keeping many practical factors. The students who under go Rail Vidya Training will get awareness about the Rail Safety. Each student will promote the knowledge that they gained from this program in their home and neighborhoods. So, that we can able to reduce the accidents happening every day in our India through Trains. The most using travel source in India is Railways. The growth ratio in accidents through trains becomes more slump. Our railways is in the second place in the world but technology wise we are upgrading our self slowly. Every day there will be some accidents occurs in India which is not due to the railways but it is purely because lack of safety awareness in the society.

Vision and Thoughts of our late Hon'ble Abdul Kalam over Railway Safety/Security of rail passengers Read more


RAIL VIDYA (Childern Safety Awarness Education Programme)

We are on a mission to empower you to improve your own and others’ safety around trains and train tracks. We believe that you hold an important role in shaping the future of rail safety.

This website is forprimary and high school students; to encourage you to become rail safety activists in your community, and arm you with the appropriate knowledge and skills so you can demonstrate your positive and safe actions to adults, children, and your peers.

We support you taking the initiative to work with others in your community, to develop solutions to local issues and maximise your impact on your own and others’ safety.

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