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Dangers of Railroad Crossings

Summary: This essay warns about the dangers of railroad crossings to cars and pedestrians. It includes safety tips and advice.

Railroad Crossings
Railroad crossings are dangerous obstacles that are a very common on roads. Lots of the things that you need to do around railroad crossing are common sense. Railroad tracks have many warning signs and guards to help keep people safe. Realize that trains can not just stop for you likes cars can.

Whenever you're near a railroad crossing, before crossing look around and see if you can see a train coming. Common sense, but this could stop almost all train-car collisions. Also, if there are warning flashers saying a trains coming, don't try and gun the gas to get past the train, STOP.

There are many different signs that have been made to warn people of railroad crossings. There are normal street sign. There are the words, "Railroad Crossing" painted on the road. There are sometimes flashing lights or bells. There are even bars in some cases that come down and block the way for traffic. All these things are there to help prevent Train-Car crashes.

Trains are massive moving objects that take miles to stop. Even if a train conductor realizes that he is going to hit you, there is nothing he can do about it. If a train hits your car, it probably won't even make a dent on the train, but it will completely destroy you, your car, and anything else in its path.

These are all way of dealing with railroad crossing. Railroad crossing are very easy to see and it's easy to be safe around them, if you know the rules, laws, and are observant.


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