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Girl Child Education
08 Aug 2014
Girl child education is a field that finds top priority in the Narendra Modi led Government's agenda and is quite close to the PM's heart. Improving the current literacy rates requires serious effort and what better way to get started than initiate discourse and take feedback from the people of the country itself!

With an aim to study the discussions and ideas to improve girl child education in the country, whether it be facilities or economic assistance, the 'Girl child Education' group on MyGov provides the platform for the necessary debate.
The objective of this Group is to prepare a policy framework and gather suggestions that can help increase education among girl students and give them livelihood opportuty The members who are actively taking part in the discussion are suggesting various ways to use PPP model and community participation to boost girl child education. The people are extremely unhappy that schools do not have to go through quality check and so the members mostly suggested ways to how to have proper mechanism to supervise quality of teaching. The most oft given suggestion was that government can fund the girl child education but private parties can manage the program and community can help promote the girl child education. It was also suggested that CAG should check on the private parties so that misuse of the funds doesn't happen.
To encourage girl child education it is also suggested that there be a high school every 5 km. The need to create proper learning environment is emphasized by all. Numerous members want that parent teacher association is strengthened to give a lot of impetus to girl child education. The need to recognize the efforts of good teachers and schools by the communities was also emphasized by most of the members. The need to allow girls to dream of becoming doctor or engineer was on top of mind of many members.
The sorry state of mid-day meals was blamed for not all girls being enrolled in schools. Most of the members wanted that the scheme be re-hauled. There was also a suggestion from the few who wanted that a toll free students’ helpline be opened or have website and TV channel to help girl students. Having more schools and reducing the students to the teacher ratio was also discussed among the members.
A very simple solution that was offered was setting up of a department in each village. The department will be responsible for maintaining the record of girls who attend school and the issues they face. The department would also sort out the issues faced by the girls and ensure the dropout rate falls drastically. The other such simple solution was setting up of nuclear schools where educated villagers impart education to the girl students in vicinity of their homes.
Many members feel that as parents ultimately play the most crucial role in the education of the girl child, it is important that parents are convinced first the importance of the girl child education. Many stressed on the need of proper infrastructure and access to schools in rural India. Also the need for proper sanitation facilities in schools was stressed by most members.
Few members also stressed on the need of promoting girl child education through short films and also some members suggested that village panchayats should be entrusted with the duty of ensuring that girls are educated.
Stressing on the need for higher education among girls many members suggested that each taluka should have a college. This they suggest would not force parents to ask their girls to drop out after class 12. Numerous suggestions have poured in as to how to educate parents about educating the girl child and not getting them married at a young age. There have been suggestions also about the educating parents as to not treat girls as financial burden. A majority of members also stressed on the importance of women security as they felt that it will be very difficult to convince parents to educate their daughters if the girls are not safe.
To provide your feedback and become a part of the 25,000 plus strong team, just register on MyGov site and get started. You can take part in any of the four tasks laid out and give your opinion.
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